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Stocking, Logistics and Service Level Agreements

Logistical solutions to support your specific requirements

We excel on working with you on the strategy that is required

RPE offers a package encompassing project management and logistical solutions alongside our engineering skills to support you and your needs.

Outside of Precision Engineering, where RPE excels, is working with customers on the strategy that’s required. Whether this be traditional spot order to lead time where we will dedicate you a time slot for your product to be manufactured, a more modern approach of vendor managed inventory (VMI), or consignment stock which will need to be agreed.

We have our own vehicles and freight partners to ensure reliable, on time delivery and protect products on their delivery route using standard or bespoke packaging.

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Service Level Agreements

RPE offers a diverse and comprehensive service to you, our customers. Engineering services are available from our dedicated and experienced engineering team while excellent operational controls ensure your project is delivered in line with expectations. Our supply chains are extensive, offering all the required industry standard coatings and finishes required by mainstream industry.

At RPE we like to challenge convention. By combining our motorsport ethos with free thinking, we create innovative solutions to short timescales, which inspire our customers to realise their ambitions. We can discuss resources, responsibilities and quality expectations in order to craft a contract suitable for your specific requirements.

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