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Turbocharged Powertrain Technology

Delivering record-breaking performance

High performance powertrain development - RPE delivers where others fail.

Reputations are earned, and this is exactly what Radical Performance Engines have achieved. To meet the requirements of our racing series around the world we have had to consistently push the boundaries of engineering while remaining financially competitive. We have become experts in delivering affordable high performance engines like our Ford Ecoboost and hand-built RPE racing spec engines, but can also deliver unique engine builds, tailored to your individual needs.


RPE matches superior engine development with purposely developed engine management systems to deliver unrivalled powertrain performance which is demonstrated throughout the Radical range. Our premium RXC range boasts a 650hp power unit in a V6 configuration, paired with a superb transaxle gearbox developed in partnership with Hewland. This package has created a winning formula in the China GTC class with multiple podiums, quite simply “Nothing Compares”.

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Meeting Guy Martin's Challenge

When an Automotive Engineering challenge presents itself, Radical meets it head-on.

When Guy Martin threw down the gauntlet to design a solution to create a beast of a Transit van, Radical met the challenge with a unique RXC V6 unit powering the project. The result being a 692hp unit which raised the performance to 165mph!

After providing solutions time and time again which outperform expectations, customers come to us for more. Our latest one-off project uses our RPE Ford Ecoboost V6 racing engine and delivers an impressive power output with over 850hp.


Engineering to the Limits

Engineering to the limits is our mantra. Our in-house design of the purpose built V8 racing engine is seriously impressive, delivering over 430hp in tuned form, with a total powertrain weight of 88kg and rev range of over 10,500rpm.

To achieve this outstanding performance engine we made new barrels, changed the valve design, formed new cams from billet, and created custom piston and rods - all to push to the limit the “High Performance Powertrain”.

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