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What makes RPE the engineering supplier of choice

We go the extra mile to surpass expectations

25 Years of Engineering Excellence

Based in Peterborough we have established an unrivalled reputation for high-quality workmanship, inspired innovation, cost effective solutions and outstanding customer service.

“We want customers to work with Radical Precision Engineering because they want to, not because they have to” – Heath Davies, Director.

We offer a personal touch to your specific project as our team of highly skilled, in-house engineers offer full support. We work with you from the initial design phases utilising data from your design teams to transform drawings and develop ideas, right through to project completion.

Our quality systems are backed up by online and offline programming, and our engineers are proficient with the latest CAD technology.

After the initial project has been completed and supplied, Radical Precision Engineering will design the appropriate supply chain strategy required to ensure all project aims are met.

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Our History

In 2000, Radical Motorsport bought into Precision Engineering, and we became Radical Precision Engineering (RPE).

We offer Precision Engineering across multiple industries, Performance Engine Services including bespoke engine builds specialising in motorsports.

We currently occupy a 10,000 square-foot factory space within the Radical factory in Peterborough, producing a wide range of components, engine parts and other services for Radical Motorsport, a world-leading UK manufacturer of hand-built racing cars.

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